Sunday, 23 April 2017


Blazer, T-shirt(similar here), Trousers & Boots /  Topshop
KURT sunglasses / INDY sunglasses

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS - where have you been if you haven't seen this t-shirt all over insta?

I have jumped on the bandwagon because I feel like there is no time like the present to spread a little girl power, even if it only is in the form of this Topshop basic tee. I love it and think it looks pretty unreal with this AMAZING monochrome striped blazer. How beautiful is it?! I have a thing for striped blazers, maybe verging on an obsession but I am rolling with it. Nothing like a striped blazer to give a little rock n roll vibe to an outfit/beetlejuice - whatever floats your boat.

This look if head to toe Topshop including the mermaid flare trousers which look pretty cool when they flow in the wind. I seem to just prance around in them and hope they are making an entrance. The final addition to this outfit is these dream KURT sunglasses from INDY SUNGLASSES. This is a new sunglasses brand that already seems to be all over Instagram due to the large variety of new and vintage sunglasses in the on trend designs. Make sure to check them out here - 25 quid for each design. An absolute bargain when they transform me into Kurt Cobain (sorta).

Photos by Alexandra Stone



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