Monday, 27 March 2017


WHEN IN ROME (Barcelona)
Myself and my accomplice Rhona headed off to Barcelona a couple of weeks ago for the weekend. The whole reason we planned the trip was to see our the 1975 play the Sant Jordi Club buuuuut we were dissappointed to find out 3 days before that it was cancelled. But no dramas here, this meant we had 48 hours to see what Barcelona had to offer.


Castanets and sequin fans in hand, we walked around Barcelona for two days taking in all the sights and sounds of the pretty vibrant city. Not one hour went by without me quoting the Cheetah Girls 2. Like many European cities, the streets and buildings were beautiful and it was enough to walk around and take it all in, thanks to Gaudi. Of course The Sagrada Familia and the Casa Batllo.


Barcelona spoils you for choice when it comes to eating out. There is restaurant after restaurant offering tapas, paella and fresh fish if you are into doing it like a local.  But also a wider variety of food is easy to find.  Us being the skrimpers that we are, we kept it to a budget. But we still managed to taste the local cuisine whilst sneaking in a hungover McDonalds - I AM NOT EVEN GUILTY. Las Ramblas and all the secret streets off the main road is the place to go.


Without a doubt my favourite part of Barcelona is the  Gothic Quarter. The gargoyles sitting on every corner, ancient architecture that is home to some of the best haunts around. From a secret, curtain hidden rock bar to an Absinthe bar where the walls are covered in post it notes from travellers all over - you truly will find something for everyone. Also this area is home to a number of clubs if that is up your street. A rep kept pushing in the direction of this rock club which he claimed played 'chelsea digger', you know the one?


If you are travelling on a budget like myself, hostels are always a good idea for weekend city breaks. And if you like rock and roll, I may have just uncovered the hostel of all hostels. Sant Jordi Rock Palace is situated in walking distance to the city centre and the decoration is craaazy good. Each floor is named after a famous music venue, the social area is called the Cavern Club and posters of all your favourite artists and bands drape the walls. On top of that, it is extremely clean and you have a wide variety of room sizes to choose from - if you want have a cosy stay in a private room or a more social experience in a 12 bed dorm. For less than 20 quid a night, this place is an absolute steal.

All and all, Barcelona is the dream city break with endless things to do and places to explore. I have already been twice and will definitely be heading back. On the look out for another gig there ASAP but fingers crossed the band don't cancel and forget to tell us.


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