Monday, 4 March 2013


When I applied to assist at LFWend, I thought it was for the one in September, but to receive an email asking if I was available to go down to London the next weekend was the BEST surprise. Lately I've been wanting any excuse to get down to London as I love it.
I travelled down with a girl on my course as she also had been selected. We were both pretty much amateurs when it came to knowing our way around London but we managed to make it to Somerset House very early at 8 on the first day of LFWend. We went backstage to see that hair and makeup had already begun. After a few anxious minutes of not having a clue who or where we were supposed to be, we were introduced to the amazing Hilary Alexander, fashion director at the Telegraph. Neither of us knew we were going to get to work with her, so what the pleasantist surprise of the weekend. We were assigned our lovely models and shown through the looks for the weekend. 

A mixture of trend shows and designers shows were planned starting with Zoe Gray. My model Eleanor was wearing the most gorgeous metallic blue dress, metallics were a key trend throughout the collection from dresses to crop tops. I thought this was going to be my favourite collection of the weekend until I saw Twenty8Twelve the next day. If I could wear one collection for the rest of my life that is what it would be. It was amazing getting to work with such amazing garments. Alongside the designer show were the trend shows which ran multiple times a day. They included a range of outfits under 4 trends - Graphic Art, Urban lifestyle, Eastern Promise and Doll's House. The looks were made up from a range of garments from high street to designer. All the looks, styled by Hilary Alexander and her team, were amazing. Especially the Eastern Promise and Doll's house looks! The final trend show on the first day was incorporated with a performance from Labrinth. The atmosphere backstage was amazing! It made me realise this was definitely the sort of thing I want to be a part of. 

Although the two days were lonng and busy, I would of loved to stay longer and finish the weekend with all the amazing people I'd met. Hopefully I will be able to assist again next season! (I apologise for the essay but it was just too good)



  1. i was there on the sunday and the catwalk was so slick and calm, i was actually thinking about how chaotic it must be backstage! so jealous xxx

  2. Great pictures! Love the blog!

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