Wednesday, 23 January 2013

MILANO #1 - Shopppping

I'm a little late with my Milan posts but I still want to share them with you as when ever I talk about it I still get overly excited at how amazing it was. I'm going to split the trip into a few posts as one lonnnnnng one would just result in me rambling on.

When you think of Milan, shopping is definitely one of the first things that springs to mind! So we knew before we got there our trip might consist of a lot of it, but we're fashion students so there was definitely no complaining. On our first day we were given a tour of the Montenapoleone, also known as the 'golden square', and golden it was. HEAVEN is the only word to describe it. It was like waking into another world of luxury off the busy streets of Milan. Each store was home to all of our favourite designers from Celine to Stella McCartney and Christian Dior to Missoni. It was basically like walking through a rich mans sweet shop. It's safe to say that not many of us could afford anything out of these stores but from the look of everyone's faces as we walked round, the window displays were enough to satisfy us. The displays in Milan are on a different level to the ones we see in Glasgow. Not only do they display the designers most wanted products but each and every one of them told a different story. You could probably add an extra 3 days on the end of your holidays to just stroll through the streets to take in all the unreal detail. Here's some pictures of my favourites - 




Most of our time was spent teasing ourselves through these stores but as it was January it only meant for one thing SALES. There were department stores similar to House of Fraser and Harvey Nicks which were home to looooads of designer discounts. I managed to come away with a Dior necklace and Alexander McQueen bracelet for half the price. The designers themselves also had department style stores where under one roof there was something for everyone - menswear, womenswear, beauty, accessories, books & even resturants and cafes. Our guide says this was the new thing in Milan. Designers want to have it allll from stores, resturants, nightclubs and hotels and these were dotted all round the centre of Milan. These added to the overall fashion culture you experience walking through the stylish streets of Milan. PLEASE TAKE ME BACK

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  1. I so want to go to Milan, it looks incredible!


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