Thursday, 6 December 2012


Who'd of thought that the Chanel Métiers d'Art show would everrr come to Scotland!?? All my life living in Scotland has never had any perks realllly, it's always cold or raining or raining and cold. But this time the weather worked in Scotland's favour, a snow shower set the scene perfectly at Linlithgow Palace in Edinburgh. Of course the show wouldn't be just annnywhere in Scotland, trust Karl to close off the place a Queen was born. The top fashion elite attending sat in a square around the courtyard on wooden benches, bagpipes playing in the background, live fire baskets surrounding them and sipping on whisky, the atmosphere was very much 'medieval Scotland' much to which the collection portrayed. Tartans and tweeds, victorian blouses and long cream dresses, the clothes were very regal keeping to Chanel standard shapes and designs.There was even a few sporrans! The first half of the show was very country gal with knits and tartan or tweed jackets whereas the second half contained mainly creams and whites and was very 'Mary Queen of Scots' with diamond headwear and beautiful gowns. Of course, top model Cara Delevinge was there, where isn't she these days?! She looked amazing in her pleated up-do. And also Karl's godson Hudson Kroenig walked the catwalk with his model dad. HOW IS THIS FAIR?! I hope that child realises how lucky he is to have an 'Uncle Karl'. He had become some sort of Chanel ambassador having walked in 3 shows and being showcased in the 'little black jacket' exhibition, and the funny thing is.... he's 4. Overall Chanel taking over Scotland was definitely a success and since they just bought a cashmere mill in smallll town Hawick, I hope they'll be back!

AWWWWWW Chanel Baby!
Photos courtesy of ELLEUK.COM

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