Tuesday, 3 April 2012


So 'Style Icons' was trending on twitter today. I'm not normally one to partake in trends but today I've been feeling pretty twitter happy. I started to write 'It's going to have to be classic Alexa Chung.' Then I paused and thought but I also love the Olsen Twins. Oh and Kate Moss. I was completely torn! So I was greedy and wrote them all. But there's nothing wrong with being inspired from more than one source. Here's why I love these dollllllllllllls

Alexa Chung

For a few years now Alexa Chung has been one of my main influences. She caught my eye when I began actually taking a proper interest in who wore what rather than taking my inspiration from my fellow 14 year olds and sporting the latest 'Bench' hoodie. The picture above is probably to blame for half of my fashion choices over the past few years. As soon as I saw it, I purchased this American Apparel skirt, scoured for a jacket similar, got a Mulberry-esque school bag and still to this day I am dying for her signature Mawi necklace. At 16, Alexa was scouted by Storm models and ever since then she has had an impact in the fashion industry. From walking the Vivienne Westwood show at LFW 2009, being the face of multiple ranges like New Look, DKNY and Lacoste or just being a daily inspiration to millions of girls all over the world. She is the 'queen' of androgyny, almost never been caught with a masculine blazer, brogues or shirt on her person. One things certain though, she'll alllllways have those mile long pins of hers on show. A way of keeping dressing like a boy sexxxy. Although her style has evolved and her tousled bob got slightly longer, her style still remains intact.   WE LOVE ALEXA.

Kate Moss

Where the helllll do you start with Kate Moss?!!!! The only place can be to state that she is probably one of the biggest, most influential models in the fashion industry. She can never ever get it wrong, even when she walked down the runway of a Marc Jacobs show with a cigarette in hand on Non Smoking Day - ok, ok maybe that wasn't the best move but as always it was highly controversial and got everyone talking which is what Kate Moss is all about!  Her style has evolved from innocent 16 year old to a highly daring, risqué new model developing to absolute British rock princess when she was dating Pete Doherty of The Babyshambles to present model royalty in the chicest of ways. There's a reason this woman has been on over 300 Vogue covers, no one can deny that she has and continues to dominate the fashion world.... Two words, timeless. icon. 

The Olsen Twins

We all remember Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen from their younger years as the fresh faced twins who you were pretty much obsessed with. You either wanted to be a tomboy like Mary-Kate or a complete girly girl like Ashley. Nowadays you just want to be as fashionably cool as they are. They have evolved from these all American girls to the chicest of the chic fashionistas. There style is very classic Chanel black and white, never to be seen without their signature round sunglasses, a trait they have picked up from their equally as fashionable mum, or draped in fur which recently has caught them under fire with PETA. All for fashion purposes I'm sure. They are constantly seen on front rows of the top class shows and even have developed their own ranges - The Row, Olsenboye and Elizabeth & James. It goes to show that our fav child-stars of the 90's have waaay more to them than blonde hair and a squeaky voices - sheer impeccable style.

You know you wanted those pigtails



  1. Awesome post, I love Alexa's chic laid-back style. Kate is a timeless style icon too.

  2. Alexa chung always look so put together! love this!


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