Wednesday, 4 April 2012

H&M Luxury Brand?!!

This is something that's recently been in the news that I just haaaad to blog about! It was only a matter of time before H&M introduced a luxury line of clothing. Having delved into the high fashion sector many times before creating highly successful fusion lines with the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Lanvin, Versace and Jimmy Choo, and also creating a Exclusive Glamour Collection of dresses - some which were worn by celebs on the red carpet) - I think H&M have gained the knowledge of the higher fashion sector to go it alone.They cater for most other markets from budget clothing to middle priced fashion items that the predicted next step would be to introduce something a little more splendor. The story leaked last week but it has now been confirmed that the rumours are true and H&M are introducing a line named '& Other Stories'. I'm uncertain of the name choice but I think once the collection is showcased I will be able to make full judgement depending on the style of the garments. The brand will place slightly above the sister brand to H&M, Cos, in style and quality. With the brand not being introduced until 2013, we have quite a long wait but just enough time to start saving the cash to make the most of this fantastic new venture!


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