Tuesday, 20 March 2012


An item im sooooooo into right now is collars. Over the past couple of years detachable collars have grown in popularity due to increasing acceptance of androgynous dressing and basically just girls wanting to dress like a boy. You used to have to search and search to try and buy an indiviual collar on the high street without paying a bomb for a designer one, but thanks to fast fashion they have now become readily available to us.

After the outright success of the peter pan collar last year, this has become a focus of some of the detachable collars structure. Karl Lagerfeld's new line KARL featured three collars, two sequin ones and a structured white one. I WOULD HONESTLY DIE FOR THE MIDDLE ONE. At a average(ish) price of £70 it isn't unachievable and it is a statement piece you could keep forever. It has a cameo with the outline of Lagerfeld's face and a K - only he could get away with plastering his face all over his collection. The sequin ones are really cool too and would never go out of fashion. Paired with a plain tshirt or dress would instantly add glamour.

But you don't have to come out of pocket to follow this trend annd you dont have to stick to the peter pan collar. There are many available in high street stores in all shapes, patterns and even collar necklaces are coming onto the scene. You can keep up simple of jazz it up with different detail and patterns. A collar is a new accessory which can add instant excitement to the dullest of outfits. Here's a few of my favs............


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