Thursday, 8 March 2012

Oxfam Charity Event

So last week for some waste of time module at uni, we had to put on this charity event to raise money which wasnt such a waste of time! My group 'The Rare Roses' decided to make a cute vintage stall and sell handmade jewellery made out of recycle materials. We sold a range of scrabble rings, origami necklaces, bracelets, flower hairslides and fabric hearts - all things you could find in shops these days but ours were waaaay cooler as we made them all by ourselves!

We managed to rustle up some cool vintage decorations like table cloths a old school birdcage to to display our products - its safe to say our stall looked amazing! Could of fitted right into a wee boutique somewhere, here's a pic to see for yourself.

Collage of pics from our stall, cute!

Apart for our gorgeous amazing lovely stall, there were lots of other things going on too. There were lots of jewellery stalls, sweet, cupcakes, raffles on so lots of exciting things to browse and spend what little money I had left on - felt like a you were at a market! But I managed to come away with a range of cute little things.

Overall it was actually really fun day! And we managed to raise £170 for Oxfam SNAPS FOR US - good deed plus a pass thank youuuuu


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