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So here it is! LONDON FASHION WEEK, one of the most inspirational and eclectic mix of people and clothes one of the most inspirational and eclectic places in the whooole world. London never fails to excite! Here’s my whole take of this weeks collections…….

PPQ have taken a more sophisticated, toned-down outlook in the A/W 2012 collection, using mainly black and white unlike brighther colours they have used previously.
Designer Amy Molyneaux explains to Vogue “We’re so known for doing short foxy dresses and making that transition to gowns and outerwear, we hope we’ve managed it”. Described as the “apocolyptic romance of winter”, I feel they have made this transition very successfully! Girls have began dressing more mature and sophisticated and PPQ have responded to this well.
The collection focuses on outerwear, mainly in black and white in long, dress like forms with belted waists - very lady like. Accentuating the coats were black and white plaid sashes which hung over the models shoulders. Not much other colour was seen in the show apart from grey, cruella de vill dalmation-esque print blouses (also seen this A/W), dresses and tights and bright jade green shown in the evening wear part of the show.
Key looks included PVC hotpants, mohair detail, big collars, french-inspired mesh headpieces and patterned tights. An overall very romantic winter in Paris feel!

DAY 2 –House Of Holland and Moschino Cheap & Chic
I couldn’t choose between the two of these fabulous collections to post about so I thought id be greedy and talk about both!
Moschino Cheap & Chic
Moschino’s collections always have this sense of British humor to their clothes. The use of bright colours and make-up theme demonstrates they don’t take themselves too seriously, a key aspect to British fashion!
Makeup palette prints, 60s knits and candy peaches and pinks sets flooded the catwalk. Sequin dresses, pompom detail jumpers and multicoloured fur kept this collection sweet and fun! It screamed girliness and celebrated everything a girly girl stands for. Oversized bows, 60’s Tracey Turnblad style beehives and vanity case bags topped of this vintage dreeeam collection.
House of Holland
Henry Holland is, and always will be fashion genius. Not many other people would be able to pull off a collection led by luminous houndstooth! I love when Henry Holland focuses on a pattern, it takes over all types of garment on the catwalk, tights, scarves, jackets EVERYTHING. Even better, he pairs them all together. Would absolutely love for it to be acceptable to strut down the streets of Glasgow in a bright pink houndstooth two piece suit.
The 1970’s based collection brought back flares, pinafores and skater dresses, mutlicoloured zig zags and red leather. Henry never fails to amuse with his completely out there collections! He topped it off with models wearing leather caps stating ‘RIDE IT’. As I said, fashion genius.

DAY 3 - Mulberry
The inspiration for this traditionally British collection this season was the movie ‘Where the wild things are’ Creative director Emma Hill claims movies are highly influential on her work and we can see the nature inspired style representative of this chosen movie through the use of browns, fur and tiger print!
“We’re a British company so I wanted to make the outerwear really strong, I always think that a Winter show should actually be for Winter” – this is seen clearly in the amount of strong jackets in the collection. Whether it be in fur, tangerine quilted pvc or blue peacock-like print, jackets definitely reigned the catwalk.
Furs being a main focus point on the show, it was interesting to see the different ways it can be used. Alongside your usual gilets and jackets, we saw midi skirts and dresses in complete fur. Wonder if this will catch on – definitely practical for our freezing Winters we get!
Key colours in the show were woody browns, bright tangerine oranges (Take note, ITS EVERYWHERE!!), blue, mustard and black. Key textures in the show were very natural in some areas with fur and almost sheep skin textures, but also more glamorous leather and lace near the end of the show. As expected, a very exciting, star-studded show from Mulberry!

DAY 4 - Burberry Prorsum
Biggest show of London Fashion Week as per! Burberry Prorsum is always one of main influencers on British fashion and now the world thanks to Christopher Bailey transforming Burberry into a world renowned mega-brand!
This collection kept British country living at its forefront, what Burberry does best. Tweed paneled jackets opened the show with matching flat caps, representing what was about to come. Outerwear was main focus with jackets, quilted coats, their trademark macs, even army-styled jackets, Burberry had it all. Most jackets were clinched in the waist with a cute bow belt in many shades, very ladylike. Knits were showcased with pictures of animals, added a comical element.  Key colours were grey, burgundy, blue, khaki and mustard.  Antique floral dresses, velvet, embellishment and pencil skirts with waterfall detail along with genius fake rain ended what was another highly anticipated king of kings LFW show!
DAY 5 - Ashish
Ashish brightened up what I presume was a very exhausted last day of LFW. This collection titled ‘Bollywouldn’t’ was a mixture of grunge and glam, described as ‘Brixton meets Bombay’.
Knits paired with dazzling sequin trousers, hareem pants, denim, tie-dye and Indian headscarves, WTF?!!! Comical motifs “Be Happy” & “Say no to drugs” added humour to this festival inspired, hippie-esque collection! Long ragged shirts and messy side ponytails represented grunge contrasting massively with Indian headscarves and headpieces and spiritual prints.
The key to this collections success is NOTHING MATCHES?! Crazy I know, but completely genius. I have to say my style can be classic, simplistic at times but when it comes to fashion like this, its my guilty pleasure. You can’t help but get excited!!!

The best finale imaginable to my LFW roundup, thank you and goodnight.


  1. Hi honey, I loved reading your review...from this House of Holland looks quite interesting to me. Not sure about the crazy prints at Ashish either!

  2. I absolutely love ASHISH! great review!


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